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chibi delto by deltoreaneye chibi delto :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 0 first furry by deltoreaneye first furry :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 1 The Assassin wolf! by deltoreaneye The Assassin wolf! :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 0
dragoness sorceress
    A human girl by the name of Chrystal was trapped in a mansion with her cruel aunt Brickum. Chrystal kept wishing in her room looking up at the full moon one night and a bright white beam of light shoots down covering her body for a few minutes. When it left she has transformed into a dragoness she spread her wings and took flight out the window but her aunt saw her knowing she used her powers and took a shotgun shooting at her rapidly a lot of bullets hit her and she slowly plummeted to the ground but not before she passed over a mountain and landed smack into a small town passed out helplessly on the ground.
    Morning came and villagers gathered around the injured dragoness chaining her up, putting her in a giant carriage, and hauling her away to the dungeon, then they lock her up. Chrystal had no food or water for many days she was starving to death but thankfully one night they threw a kid in jail for running away from his home, Chr
:icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 7
Digitrons by deltoreaneye Digitrons :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 0 Delto by deltoreaneye Delto :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 0 lexi and Renny by deltoreaneye lexi and Renny :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 0
wanna do!!!!
hey every one i would love to do a rp with you all that is very simalier to this here comic
i think that would be great ^^
:icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 13
Mature content
anthro dragonness, human rp :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 10
another gift for gf by deltoreaneye another gift for gf :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 0 gift by deltoreaneye gift :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 1
neera, neko rp/story.....
    i woke up in my captain's quarters i got out of bed and went outside of the quarters  onto the deck of the massive ship it is my ob to deliver things from all over the world from place to place. planet to planet, dimension to dimension i am a neera with a task that is beyond ordinary so i went to the steering wheel and continued sailing across the ocean as i sailed a peaceful breeze blew across my face and i breathed it in and sighd saying "ah the good fresh air of sea in he morning". and i went sailing and then later the afternoon i went  into the celler on deck 7 and grabed mr some fine whine i drank a little to much and stumbled to the 1st deck before passing out
  birds came swarming in plucked me into the sky tearing at me and i woke with a start as talons into my skin and i shrieked in agony and pain, and terror and it continued for 30 minutes before they accidentally dropped me i was sent tumbling into trees and ended on the ground i was wound
:icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 87
Images (1) by deltoreaneye Images (1) :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 0 13
Mature content
the day ruiner :icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 0
my OC #3
height-9ft 5in
features description-wears nothing normally has black fur
hostility-friendly, playful, caring, and gentle
fav food-neera
:icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 1 0
neko and neera rp!!!!
you are a neera wandering around in a
A. forest
B. city
C. house
D. other

you are a 
A. boy
B. girl
your age is fill in the blank_______
do you want
A. soft vore
B. digestion
C. foot/paw play
D. anal vore
E. other
 extra choice
A. switch i'm neera your neko
no m/m or f/f 18+ what is exceptionable is f/m 18+ 
:icondeltoreaneye:deltoreaneye 4 152


a silly lovestory-pg1 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg1 :iconeelea:Eelea 224 29 a silly lovestory-pg6 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg6 :iconeelea:Eelea 156 29 a silly lovestory-pg5 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg5 :iconeelea:Eelea 193 44 a silly lovestory-pg7 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg7 :iconeelea:Eelea 205 67 a silly lovestory-pg4 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg4 :iconeelea:Eelea 217 36 a silly lovestory-pg3 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg3 :iconeelea:Eelea 187 46 a silly lovestory-pg2 by Eelea a silly lovestory-pg2 :iconeelea:Eelea 206 25 Hesitation by WildTheory
Mature content
Hesitation :iconwildtheory:WildTheory 383 21
Foxy Fire by zp92
Mature content
Foxy Fire :iconzp92:zp92 878 45
Tera's First Adventure (Ninetales Vore)
Warning: Contains vore! If you do not like it, read on at your own risk.
NOTE: It is my first story and I'm still learning English. Please inform me about any errors you find.
Hello, my name is Tera, I am a female Ninetales. I lived many years in a volcanic zone, along with several other fire type Pokémon. I liked living there, I had many friends and a good family, but I felt I was not happy. My desire has always been to travel and explore the world knowing various Pokémon and humans, and to achieve this I always trained hard to become a strong Pokémon. When I finally reach old enough to take care of myself, I decided I would go on a journey around the world! I was so excited; I could finally fulfill my dream. On the day of my departure were all there for the farewell. Thrilled, I talked and hugged everyone. After receiving the last advice of my parents, I turned around and took aim, from the top of our mountain, to the infinite horizon. And then I finally left.
:iconlordrudson:LordRudson 16 10
Stable Love (Rapidash Vore)
                             *Read the description please*
This story contains Pokemon soft vore, if you do not like it, don't hate on it and instead                   please don't read it. Thank you, and enjoy the story~
   The suns light was shining bright through my window and right down onto me in my bed already, a good sign of what was to come. I yawned and stretched in my bed, rolling over and getting out of bed to grab my clothes. As i put on my jeans, i took a peak at what the clock said. 6 a.m., perfect timing. It seems odd that someone would want to be up this early, especially since it usually meant i had to get up for work on the Pokemon Ranch i lived on. Today however, that was not the case. Today was my
:iconpokemontrainerwolfy:PokemonTrainerWolfy 54 99
Love from a stranger
The following story contains Pokemon soft vore. If you do not like vore, Pokemon, or are a troll, please do not read the story and/or hate on it. Thank you.
Shimmering stars high in the midnight sky, making a tapestry like none other. A
full moon gently shining down onto the frost covered ground.  A cold breeze gently
blowing, chilling those it catches in its icy grip. And a lone teen sitting on the banks
of a slowly flowing stream. He stared down into the water, which shimmered as the moon and
stars shined on it. The boy had no name, or even a home really. He was one of the unlucky
kids. The one who was bullied at school. The one whose parents cared more about liquor
then him. The one who had no friends to care for him. A teen with no name, no home, no
friends, nothing. He meant nothing to others. just a body taking up space. How he lived
from day to day was a mystery. he just lived, going from place to place, trying to ignore
the sadness that boiled inside him, waiting
:iconpokemontrainerwolfy:PokemonTrainerWolfy 33 1,067
Injury Leads to Love (Luxray Vore)
                               *Warning, VORE, AND LOTS OF IT* This is my first vore story, and I tried my best to make my audience have any kind of emotions for this story.
 Dan is a teenage boy, on the cliff of hitting puberty. Nobody knows why he hasn't yet, and it has puzzled him since. He was the type of boy who knows how to be grateful for everything, since his parents were great at teaching him things about life. He could easily just sit outside and admire nature by just staring at it for a long time. Dan liked watching the Pokémon of the forest. Every time he did so, his eyes would shine with hope. Nature brought Dan hope for an unknown reason, and only he knew why. He didn't plan on telling anyone, because he thought that they wouldn't understand. When they were older, he was sure that they would. Dan had only six favorite types of Pokemon, and most of them were blue, his favorite
:iconanonymoustyper:AnonymousTyper 33 8
[C] Cleaning Is Not Easy by WittNV [C] Cleaning Is Not Easy :iconwittnv:WittNV 47 6 'I love you THIS much.' by C-Studios 'I love you THIS much.' :iconc-studios:C-Studios 70 26 Ninetales Eats Vulpix: Belly Listening by dogindagrass Ninetales Eats Vulpix: Belly Listening :icondogindagrass:dogindagrass 37 6


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I'm sorry i haven't posted anything, i have stories i'm still working on once i a lil while, but i'm not very eager to continue any of them mainly due to the main fact that i don't really ever get comments on my stuff so i don't see a reason to post things honestly.
hey all im back! im sorry my computer broke and i been gone for a coming back at ya with some rage and furry! i have my own you tube account now i suggest you check me out !…

also i will start working on art n\and commisions again also i will be catching up on rps i delayed AND i will be finishing up and starting new stories i love u all and im greatful for you all being so patient i got discouraged because i dont ever get comments but i realised why should u waste ur time typing xD whats important is i deliver content u can enjoy even though it would be nice for comments every once in a  while lets do dis!
chibi delto
a lot of people has chibi's so i thoaght WHY NOT! and here it is!
I must say this work is astonishing and heart touching, Your wrk is without a doubt a masterpiece straight from the heart! However i do beleave that if you worked hard on it and kept thinking and editing you could make this a extremely emotional story and make the readers feel the emotions clearer! I'm not saying it's bad don't get me wrong this is actully ne of the better stories i have read ina long time! Thank you so much for your work and time you put into this! Absolutly amazing and i hope your stories carry a long eays! and i bert they already have haha!
first furry
hey guys this is my very first furry drawing! yes irl I am deeply into furries I love then sooo much and I made this to support the furry fandom and community, and to giver thanks to those who sinpired me I hope this is good!


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Randale Thomas
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role player huge fan of livinlovindude, PassyVoreX, and Dragonx1010on you-tube i huge fan of jacksepticeye and markiplier


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